Frequently Asked Questions


My child plays Little League, can they play Tournament Baseball, too?

YES!!! Our Tournament Team will schedule around Little League! This is not a replacement for Little League.

What is the difference between Tournament Baseball and JBO?

JBO is like Little League in the sense that they run a recreational league with boundaries (aligned with High School Boundaries). Scappoose currently does not offer JBO. 

Some JBO programs run weekend tournaments, but they are not officially sanctioned JBO tournaments, and often allow outside organizations to play. 

How are Tournament Teams formed?

Impartial evaluations will be performed at the direction of the High School staff. 

When will we know our Tournament Schedule?

Once we have formed Tournament Team(s), we will start working with families to schedule those.

How long is the Tournament Baseball Season?

The tournament season starts in Feburary, and runs through the end of July. We will be hosting impartial evaluations. We will look at a Fall program as well if there is interest. If a majority of players are playing Little League, we will wait to see the Little League schedule before scheduling tournaments during Little League regular Season. We will be scheduling a tournament over Memorial Day weekend, however.

What are the main differences between Little League, JBO, Club ball and Tournament Baseball?

Wow, loaded question. We will cover this in depth in our informational meetings. Each have their own place.

  • Little League and JBO have strict boundaries, and offer a regular season. There are differences between the two programs, but think of them both as recreational programs. Both organizations are not for profit.
  • Club Baseball is not bound by any boundaries. They generally recruit from across the Portland Metro area, and are for profit. 
  • Tournament Baseball is a little like the Wild West. We can enter most any type of tournament. We are not affiliated with any league. We are not for profit.